About Festival 

Kinodot Experimental Film Festival

Kinodot was launched in 2012 as online minimalist short film festival at kinodot.com. In five years the project has developed into independent international experimental film festival with live screenings in movie theaters and unconventional venues in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Films submitted to Kinodot must match at least one of the four selection criteria:
No Money - films made without a budget;
No Mumbling - films without dialogue or narration;
No Music - films without a music score;
No Montage - films made without editing, i.e. filmed in one shot.

Kinodot was created to support and distribute new experimental films, and to inspire filmmakers to experiment in their own way. We promote freedom of ideas, formalism, simplicity and self-restriction as oppose to the secondary film production and self-censorship of high budget festivals. We believe that a great film can be created with very basic means, without special education or expensive equipment. We also believe that creating and following a strict set of formal rules can have a liberating effect on every artist.

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Manifesto (2012)

We, the authors and lovers of short film, decided to organize a film festival that supports and promotes simplicity, formalism, minimalism and self-restraint in the short film genre.

Despite amazing technology and limitless budgets available to the filmmakers today, we see the future of cinema in clarity of ideas, sense of proportion, daring experiments and artistic freedom.

We are looking for filmmakers, who are not afraid to talk to the audience on the same level. We are looking for the audience that is ready for such dialogue.