Short Film Competition 2014

The best short film by decision of the professional jury is An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris by Yann Chapotel, France: For aesthetically and technically fascinating film, combining time levels and movements beautifully, well structured and orchestrated, not a second too long or short. 

Special mention by the jury goes to Junction by Andrey Klychnikov, Russia: For catchy minimalistic and extremely well balanced illustration of casual human interaction.

The top two films by the audience ratings:
4.67333 Junction by Andrey Klychnikov, Russia ― the audience prize;
4.6 Cycloid by Tomoki Kurogi, Japan ― a diploma from the festival organizers.

The winners of the audience prize and the jury prize received $500 each from our partner Smart Media Systems.

We would like to thank the international jury and filmmakers-participants: Ines Christine GeisserKirsten Carina GeisserYann ChapotelAndrey KlychnikovTomoki KurogiJacob RobinsonKelvin BrownS.D. WillemsShambhavi KaulStefan KriekhausLion BischofBenny Shaffer and Christopher Holloran.


Films in competition:

An Adventurous Afternoon
by Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser

Actually Giant Fox & William Honda just wanted to enjoy a coffee together, but the afternoon is getting more adventurous than they thought. (...)

An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris
by Yann Chapotel

A virtual cube investigates different time spaces of a townscape interweaving the lives which cross through it. (...)

by Tomoki Kurogi

CYCLOID is an animation work representing a impermanence. I expressed the beauty of the changing times to draw a landscape animation by hand. I want to describe that accepting and enjoying the change would cause a full life. (...)

Dry Stone Waller
by Jacob Robinson, Kelvin Brown

Filmed and recorded on location in Cumbria, Northern England. This project set out to explore the relationship between medium and subject. Taking as it’s starting point the traditional craft that still survives as the dominant method of construction in upland areas of Great Britain. This process and the landscape within which it exists was documented with 16mm film and analogue tape sound recording, in order to draw a parallel between content and medium, and in doing so examines the changing value that is attached to traditional crafts in the context of ever increasing availability of digital technology and mass produced materials. (...)

by Andrey Klychnikov

Meeting on a commuter train, the passengers leave a trace in each other. (...)

by S.D. Willems

Kleur is a very short documentary about Belgian painter Jan Vanstechelman. In order to become the fascinating artist Jan is today he had to overcome a great amount of obstacles and surmount physical boundaries. This film focuses on one of these obstacles and tries to visualize it creatively. (...)

Mount Song
by Shambhavi Kaul

A current runs underneath. It creeps under the door, makes its way into the cracks, revealing, obfuscating or breaking as clouds in the sky. Mountain, cave, river, forest and trap door; martial gestures, reiterated, stripped and rendered. A storm blows through. A parrot comments from a flowering branch. Here, the surfaces of set-constructions are offered for our attachments. (...)

Remains Quiet
by Stefan Kriekhaus

An afternoon at the edge of a large film set somewhere out in the sticks in rural France. A trainee takes up his position. He is responsible for blocking off the street while filming is in process and reopening it to traffic as soon as the take is over. His only connection to the set is via walkie talkie. He begins to get bored. The mountains are magnificent. A tractor returns from the field. The trainee turns all the way round. Time passes slowly and we wait with him, merely observing the afternoon - without a single cut or a comma. (...)

by Lion Bischof

How do isolation, immobility and constant monitoring affect the thoughts and imagination of a human being. The film SUPERVISION shows three attendants working at a modern art museum in Munich. (Pinakothek der Moderne) The film displays a conflict between the inner world of the protagonists and their working environment. (...)

The World (Outside)
by Benny Shaffer

Shot in a theme park in southwest China where little people work as performers in a fantastical variety show, the documentary captures the rhythms of everyday life as the mundane and the surreal overlap in the spaces of work and home. As a meditation on performance, the body, and imaginings of life elsewhere, The World (Outside) explores the relationship between a controversial institution of entertainment and its melancholy backstage. (...)

Wile E.
by Christopher Holloran

A girl and boy on separate sides of the world (NY & Amsterdam) both lead fantastical lives but are incapable of meeting. The film is loosely based on a Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner sketch where Wile E. paints a tunnel on a rock that the Roadrunner passes through.
It’s made using my own technique of projecting onto paper and then cutting out portions of the film to illustrate the hyperreal mediums that skew our vision. (...)