Anna Franceschini 

Anna Franceschini (born in Pavia, 1979, lives and works Milano). Her oeuvre is mainly composed of moving images and performative pieces. The world in Franceschini’s films is one deserted by humans, a world in which movement is the result of mechanical action, a world of infinite repetition and constant sameness, of gravitation and attraction. Franceschini harnesses the illusionist potential of motion pictures to animate the inanimate. To work her magic, she typically starts by isolating or framing a single object, device, machine or process, which she then submits to the discerning gaze of her camera until it takes on a life of its own, freed from its functional context to become an object of poetic contemplation. Yet the context never vanishes completely. Glimpses remain to remind us of the parallel development of cinema and industrial manufacturing.
Her work has been presented and awarded in several film festivals, including: the IFFR / Rotterdam Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival (CH) and TFF/Torino Film Festival (IT), MFF/Milano Film Festival and Courtisane Film Festival in Ghent (BE)
Solo exhibitions include: Kunsthalle Sao Paulo (BR), GAM – Torino, Kunstverein Duesseldorf (GE), Spike Island – Bristol (UK), Museion – Bolzano (IT), Fiorucci Art Trust – London (UK), MACRO – Rome , Institut Culturel Italien – Paris (FR), Peep Hole – Milano (IT), Bielefelder Kunstverein (DE); Kiosk Gallery – Ghent (BE), Objectif – Exhibition – Antwerp (BE), Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa, Venezia – IT.

Participant of Kinodot competition 2018 with the film What Time Is Love?