Anna Salzberg and Mehdi Ahoudig 

Anna Salzberg encounters documentary filmmaking in the video workshop at the Santé Prison, in Paris in 2001. She shoots there her fist images and directs her first short-films (Le cadre d’Anna, Lignes de traverse). She collaborates in the film Fragments d’une rencontre, with the prisionners of the workshop and the filmmaker Anne Toussaint.
Malaises is her first documentary film, directed with Éléonore Merlin between 2007 and 2008. They win with it the Images Rotary’s Young reporter prize. The film is selected in Festival Premier Docs du Mans 2008, Amiens International FIlm Festival 2008, Tarfu World Film Festival 2009, International Feminist and Lesbian Film Festival Paris 2011.
She works today on experimental short films in super8 and works on a documentary film on feminity through mother / daughter relationships.

Sound director, Mehdi Ahoudig worked at first for the contemporary dance and theather, then he went towards the radio. His documentaries contain an ambitious sound dimension.
He became a significant signature in Arte Radio, he distinguishes himself by his capacity to arise new and unexpected words. In 2006, he obtained a SCAM scholarship for his documentary Hautpoul: France - Wodobéré : Sénégal, directed in the France Culture’s Radio creation workshop. Wirh Qui a connu Lolita ?, he won the Europa Prize of sound documentary 2010 in Berlin.
He teaches documentary sound techniques in Arles since 2002. With Samuel Bollendorff, he signed the webdocumentary À l’abri de rien, who also won the Europa prize.

We’ll Go to Neuilly Inch’Allah by Mehdi Ahoudig and Anna Salzberg