you see me 

Switzerland, 2012, 5min.

You see me I hide secrets under the floorboards and you've got a few of them under your bed You've got dreams I will never discover and I store a few of mine inside my head I've got faces that you'd wouldn't care for You've got feelings that you never share The worst things we think of each other are Never quite mentionend because we don’t dare We try to believe that love lasts forever Ignoring devorcées once wed We spend half our lifetime avoiding the answers to cumbersome questions we dread Cause both of us wanna be lovers and we won't let the truth intervene so we make ourselves cozy with words of deception and give compliments that we don't mean You see me I see you There’s that picture of us in our minds that we're clinging on to I see you you see me we’re so busy creating the lovers we want us to be I've picked up your words and your laughter and kept them as calming and sweet souvenirs and I'm sculpturing a love of the flotsam that I have been gathering over the years But the more I assemble my findings the clearer I'm starting to see that I've come to love a private projection of what I would like you to be there are smiles to comfort our lovers and laughter to cover our tears there are love songs to make us feel better and self -deception to chase way our fears its not truth that holds us together but the soothing collection of lies as we work on our perfect self portraits creating our personal pleasant disquise Songtext: © Markus Schönholzer

director.......................................... Syl Betulius