Marc Pelletier 

Marc Pelletier was born in small-town Fall-River, Nova-Scotia, Canada. Feeling that cinema could stimulate his interest for both the arts and sciences, he chose to pursue experimental filmmaking in Montreal, where he co-founded an artist-run film and video cooperative, ON EST 10.
His techniques combine frame-by-frame and long exposure cinematography with camera movement through a playful and explorative creative process. The results are a reinterpretation of space, volume, texture and time that forms a nebulous and onirique environment for the spectator to contemplate.
His first film to arrive on the international film festival circuit was Pilgrimage (2011), which utilized these techniques through a formal exploration of Parc Lafontaine in Montreal. The film was well received at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Ann Arbor Film Festival among others.

Stillness by Marc Pelletier