Max Reinhold 

founding solo music project “Hater Hater” SOUND
news cut PULS4 EDIT
short series “Burning Bitches” DIRECTION, CAMERA, EDIT
commissional work “Lavisio” PHOTOGRAPHY
commissional work “Mrs. Sporty” PHOTOGRAPHY
short “Einblick” DIRECTION, CAMERA, EDIT
short “Heartbeat” by Romana Lakinger EDIT
advertising short kunsthaus muerz DIRECTION, CAMERA, EDIT
showreel Stella Reinhold DIRECTION, CAMERA, EDIT
filming my résumé DIRECTION, CAMERA, EDIT
short “Der Regisseur ist der Schauspieler ist der Regisseur...” DIRECTION, CAMERA, EDIT
short “Enchanté” with Thomas Reinhold and Julian Gamisch ANIMATION
fashion short “Causa” by Paz Katrina Jimenez EDIT & COMPOSITING
short for building company “Bruckschwaiger” DIRECTION, CAMERA & EDIT
commissional work “forvideo” ANIMATION, CAMERA & EDIT
commissional work “webfreetv” CAMERA
video installation in “Pornographie” by Simon Stephens, DIRECTION, CAMERA & EDIT
play initiated by Katharina Nora Bruhn
cover design “LeCool” online magazine edition *009 PHOTOGRAPHY
founding of “Poolchemie” CAMERA, EDIT & SOUND
production of experimental shorts
live recording of two plays for actors CAMERA & EDIT
of Prayner conservatory
commissional work FM4 WM-Quartier WUK PHOTOGRAPHY
showreel for actor Rachelle Nkou CAMERA
with Erwin Steinhauer and Judith Stehlik
short “Der junge Priester” CAMERA & EDIT
short “Fahrtenwechsel” DIRECTION, CAMERA & EDIT
music video “Unique” by Subcutain DIRECTION, CAMERA & EDIT
commissional work “Cast Your Art” CAMERA & EDIT
documentation “Insel der Menschenrechte” CAMERA
at the Donauinselfest
live recording of the play “Die Zigarette”, CAMERA & EDIT
by Patricia Hirschbichler - aired on
Kulturmontag ORF 2
live recording of the band “Vice Versa” DIRECTION, CAMERA & EDITEducation
Bachelor of Arts Honours, Digital Film Making, an der SAE Wien
Digital Film and Animation Diploma an der SAE Wien
Lyçée Francais de Vienne

Max Reinhold is a participant of Dot Shorts program with the film Insight

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