S.D. Willems 

After obtaining a Master Degree in Music at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Belgium), S.D. Willems has continuously pursued his passion for film and has worked on various audiovisual projects as a composer, an audio-engineer and an assistant director. This time he took matters in his own hands and Kleur is his no-budget directorial debut. Together with Jeremy Deryckere and Steve Thielemans, he has made this intimate portrait about a true artist.

"I have known Jan (Vanstechelman) for a couple of years now. We have grown to become very close friends as I started coming over to his house to teach him to play the piano. But it became very clear to me that Jan actually needed more of a musical advisor, instead of a teacher. I would show him different ways of how to think about music and music-playing. During these music sessions we have talked a great deal about art in general and came to appreciate each other's opinion. So one day he invited me to visit his studio."

S.D. Willems is a participant of Kinodot competition 2014 with the film Kleur