Selim Akgül 

Selim Akgül was born in Mardin/Turkey. After he had graduated from the Department of Management at Mustafa Kemal University, he studied Cinema and Theatre at Mesopotamia Culture Center. Then, he took part in a theatre group at Mesopotamia Culture Center and he acted in various plays. He participated in the films 'Anlat İstanbul’ , 'Bahoz' , 'Welcome' , 'D' , 'İncir Reçeli' and in the Tv series 'Son Tercih' and 'Türkan'. He was awarded ' The Promissing Actor' prize in ÇASOD Acting Awards (2006) with his performance in 'Anlat İstanbul'. Also he is a director and shooting short films.


Bir Gün (A Day)- 2010- Director/Scriptwriter
Mêrên ji Avê Ditirsin (The Men with Water Fear) -2011- Director/Scriptwriter

Selim Akgül is a participant of Dot Shorts program with the film The Men with Water Fear

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