Seren Gel 

Seren Gel was born in Tunceli/Turkey, in 1985.After she had graduated from the Department of Philosophy at Istanbul University, she completed her non-thesis master's programme in the same department of İstanbul Univesity. She worked in many cinema and television series sets. She has shot three short films; 'Dema Tuya (Berry Time )' , 'Dicle' and 'The Men with Water Fear'. Her films are shown to public in so many festivals in Turkey and abroad.


Dema Tuya (Berry Time)-2010 - Director/Scriptwriter
Dicle – 2010- Director/Scriptwriter
Mêrên ji Avê Ditirsin (The Men with Water Fear)-2011- Director/Scriptwriter

Seren Gel is a participant of Dot Shorts program with the film The Men with Water Fear

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