Tuna Kaptan 

Tuna Kaptan grew up in Passau, a Bavarian small town in Germany. The short one-way street in front of his home offered everything one would need in life: an ice-cream parlor, a café, a prison and a porn cinema. Day after day on his way to school, he wondered about that mysterious cinema and the strange man sitting at the end of the dimly lit entrance.

As Tuna Kaptan grew older, he lived along other one-way streets, in Argentina, France and Germany. He did theater projects in Burkina Faso, filmed smugglers in Turkey, and blind football fans in Germany. He studied theater, media, literature and film directing.

Years later when he returned to the street he grew up on, he found out that the strange old man was still there. Lots had changed, but one thing: that mysterious place with its peculiar owner, Mr. Siebzehnruebl.

Tuna Kaptan is a participant of Kinodot competition 2013 with the film Mr. Siebzehnruebl