Xander Marro 

Xander Marro is an artist, community activist, performer and filmmaker ‘steeped in the underground’ of Providence, RI. As co-founder of the Dirt Palace, a feminist art collective, Marro is equally diverse in her artistic practices. Her work ranges from printmaking to puppetry to performance to film animation and installation and is loosely gathered under a distinctive sensibility that has been described as “a blend of girly Victorian dreaming, Monty Python cartoons, Russian onion domes, beehive hairdos, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Barbarella, and Dr. Seuss” (Greg Cook, Boston Pheonix) Marro’s work is generally low-tech and handmade and embedded with a community of collective art-making. Typically using arcane pieces of visual culture to create strange and fantastic worlds, this almost Luddite approach presents an alternative to today’s fast-paced media-driven environments.” – Dina Deitsch, Curator of Contemporary Art at DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.

Xander is a participant of Balagan Short Film Program with the film Isemond

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