Dot Shorts Program

The non-competitive program Dot Shorts finished on March 31, 2014.

A Few Pages About Tango
by  Kaja Dymnicki

*** (...)

Bug Lightning
by  Tom Bailey

Roberts' is an anxious and restless young man, he discards his belonging in a desperate plea that receives a strange answer. Filmed in a single shot. (...)

Dring of the Dead
by  Gael Pouvreau, Mathieu Auvray

A man is running away. A zombie girl is after him. He's hiding in a telephone box, trying to call for help. But the zombie girl find him and assault the phone box. (...)

europa spezial ab 39,- euro
by  Leslie Bauer

'europa spezial ab 39,- euro' is an Experimental Documentary about traveling in trains; Just sitting, watching, listening. Nothing to do, in a good way, still moving. Being forced to listen to passenger's uninteresting conversations. The sunlight is flickering through the windows, creating a special atmosphere. (...)

by  Lewis Khan

A friend, a neighbour, a familiar face in the street. Georgetown is an intimate view into the life of another. During a period of my adolescence that saw playing football in the street as a daily ritual, we often shared the same space. Frequently we would meet with a simple nod, more frequently a hello, and on occasion George would join in for a kick about. Georgetown is informed by six years of these impromptu and informal meetings in the street, usually the same one. (...)

by  Alexei Dmitriev

A war film. (...)

Morning Train
by  Delia Hess

After spending the night together, a couple parts ways. Guided by the activities of the man's morning rituals, she travels into a dream accompanied by the rhythms of the morning train and finds herself alone once again. (...)

Never Eleven
by  Livio Bondi

Two people suffering from Global Amnesia are trying to have a conversation and find out why they are left in an abandoned hospital. We don’t know their names or where they come from, all we learn is that their memory is extremely short (respectively 7 and 11 seconds) and that will make their attempt to communicate only an irregular and unsolvable loop of words. (...)

Osmium - Fingerprints
by  Helmie Stil

What do a person's hands reveal about them? Helmie Stil's intimate short 'Fingerprints' was filmed in a Dutch prison in Houten, exploring the stories of the prisoners through the hands, which committed the crimes. As prisoners arrive, fingerprints are taken and inmates discuss how it feels to be locked up away from the world. 'Fingerprints' was made as part of the 94 Elements project and takes the element osmium, used in detecting fingerprints at crime scenes, as its starting point. (...)

Snail Trail
by  Philipp Artus

A snail invents the wheel and goes through a cultural evolution to finally get back to its origin. (...)

by  Ilan Cohen

Time has stopped. Only a little girl wanders through this petrified world. But what would happen if she chose to touch one of these inanimate beings around her? (...)

The History of the Orange
by  Emma Lazenby

Filled with humorous intriguing characters and enthusiasts, car maintenance and possibly the odd break down… this road movie works back through the life of a car, its many owners, back to the spirit of an age through (...)

by  Jeremy Rosenstein

Henry and Annette, a retired couple, are given by their local parish the mission to make a short religious film. This amateur film-making will bring them to reconsider the nature of desire in their relationship. (...)

The Race
by  Kullar Viimne

The finish line is merely a temporary road sign without any significant meaning. That is how it is with life as well: the fact that it has an end does not necessarily mean that existence has meaning. The finish line is simply a temporary goal that one sets for oneself, or a metaphor for quickly passing existence. (...)

Try to Do the Salmon Dance
by  Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum

A way to wrap the pattern, to take a break from reality. They say that water tends to soak itself to the fish just like life to humans. Life tends to shape our movements in the social and emotional space. This is a break, an attempt to relax in our own reality and to show other movements and feelings where no one is looking. (...)

by  Irina Stănciulescu

A boy recalls the death of Dandy, a baby deer hit by a car and sets his spirit free through his dream. Dandy's emerging first in the boy's mind and then becomes the boy's self further being projected across the void from within the boy's dream. The spirit of the baby deer is merged with the cosmic field according to the main law of nature of one reflecting in everything and everything being one, unbounded and inseparable. (...)

by  Kurtis Hough

Filmed in Juneau Alaska on the Mendenhall Glacier in 2012, this film was an attempt to capture the heartbeat of the ice and experience the dramatic changes occurring to this landscape, while addressing the issues of global warming. (...)

The Day When...
by  Arnaud Lalanne

The day when my father gave me a compliment. (...)

00:04:47 Till
by  Elika Rezaee

It's about justice, about lack of culture, Brutality... the situation of justice in Iran. (...)

by  Margherita Spampinato

The world seen through the eyes of a 9 year old girl. The town she lives in, friends, school, games. Between all of them, she'll start a new one, secret and mysterious, that involves an unknown man. (...)

Salt and Pepper
by  Franky van Dorst

One day and a half in the life of single-parent Dave van Dungen, and his children Lola and Jona, seen through the camera of the son. This short film is written, directed, played, edited and produced by Franky van Dorst, who also made the music. His 9 year old son handled the camera, apart from acting with his sister and father. (...)

Things Fold into Themselves
by  Arttu Nieminen

Take a sip from the spring water and enter a dream through the wilderness. Look out from the cabin window to the glorious night sky painted by the northern lights, in the middle of the mimic water, connecting earth, stars and two lovers. (...)

Hide and Seek
by  Choeun Ma

A girl has a retarded brother. She plays hide and seek in an unfamiliar place with him and goes home alone. (...)

by  Masha Sedyaeva

A man is giving a performance. (...)

The Runner
by  Michael O'Kelly

The film is very short. But very good. (...)

you see me
by  Syl Betulius

You see me I hide secrets under the floorboards and you've got a few of them under your bed... (...)

by  Max Reinhold

She is an editor. She expects nothing from life, lacks nothing. Diving for hours in private videos, she does not seem to notice their content.  (...)

Clean Fun
by  Moritz Matschke

the symbolic border between human and animal is not between them, but inside of human, as a denied distinction between social accepted and cultural tabooed impulses and fantasies of human individuals. M. Winzen (...)

A Sonata
by  Alban Ravassard, Pierre-Louis Umdenstock

He loves her. She is going to put him through the test. In the shadow, dark eyes are quietly watching them... (...)

Tin Pine
by  Brian Barth

Subsurface foreign landscapes. (...)

The Men with Water Fear
by  Selim Akgul, Seren Gel

A father and his son who live in a village house, near the river. The soldiers expose them everyday to militarist violence. The son will get a solution for this situation. (...)

The Child and the Parrot
by  Léo Zarka-Lepage

In the backyard. The child decided to throw his toys away. The moment of an unexpected encounter with a parrot. (...)

Ten Notes
by  Dan Pringle

SAM, a downtrodden young man, finds himself rushing to attend a first date with HOLLY. Whilst on his way to meet her, he stops at a cash machine to withdraw ten pounds only to find that twenties are now only available. (...)

by  Manuel Janssens

On a bright sunny day, the clouds start to take on bright coloured shapes.
This natural phenomenon seems to augur the end of mankind.
One man is in the middle of all this. Only his vision is to narrow, to fully comprehend these changes. (...)

by  Eyþór Jóvinsson

A true story of a kayaker who sails through the fjords of Iceland and stumbles upon a skerry. He decides to port there and soon realizes that perhaps it wasn't such a good idea. (...)

Welcome to the Zoo
by  Ines Christine Geisser, Kirsten Carina Geisser

A girl stumbles into the mountain zoo. Bad mooded she runs off and meets the animals which through their performance can brighten her mood. On top of the mountain she flips out with the result that she tumbles back down the mountain. (...)