The closing ceremony and the screening of prize winning films

Dear Friends, The closing ceremony and the screening of prize winning films will take place on July 3rd at 17.00 at Rodina movie theater in St. Petersburg. Address: Karavannaya 12. Stop by if you have a chance!


The results of ASAP competition are published!

Jury Prize — The Pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldvin: To a tense film with a good choice of animation technique, music and sound that goes perfectly together, successfully applying an Edgar Allan Poe-like feeling of madness to illustrate a story of unbridled racism from real life USA in the 1920’s.

Jury Special Mention — Unwanted Desires by Ola Szmida: ASAP – simple idea, simple design, simple animation style. Close and true. We felt caught with our pants down.

Jury Special Mention — Joconde by Lora Mure-Ravaud: To a beautiful film with sincere directing for achieving to express subtle and impalpable atmosphere of a fleeting moment that reveals to a human being a gentle beauty of life.

Audience Prize — The Pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldvin

The Pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldvin The Pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldvin


The winners of Observer competition!

Special Diploma by the Jury goes to #YA by Ygor Gama and Florencia Rovlich ― for artistically convincing energy of protest, shown by purely cinematographic means.

Special Diploma by the Jury goes to Better Bodies by Ragnar Bragason ― for purity of genre and humorous and tactful study of the characters’ microcosm.

The Jury Prize and $500 goes to Behemoth - Or The Game Of God by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese ― for radical investigation of humanity with a scalpel-like camera and powerful soundtrack-anesthetic, turning a surgical procedure into artistic experience.

The Audience Prize and $250 goes to 9 days – From My Window in Aleppo
by Issa Touma, Floor van der Meulen & Thomas Vroege.

Behemoth - Or The Game Of God by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese Behemoth - Or The Game Of God by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese



The list of film selected for the Observer competition has been published!

The screenings will take place on the 16th and 17th of April, at 19.30 at Fotografika Academy, Ligovskiy prospekt 25 (entrance from per. Uliana Gromova, first arcade, code 2945B).

Observer 1
North, directed by Igor Elukov, 11 min., 2015, Russia
Better Bodies, directed by Ragnar Bragason, 10 min., 2015, Sweden
Camrex, directed by Mark Chapman, 13 min., 2015, United Kingdom
9 days – From My Window in Aleppo, directed by Issa Touma, Floor van der Meulen & Thomas Vroege, 13 min., 2015, Netherlands / Syria
The Park, directed by Randa Maroufi, 14 min., 2015, France
VERES, directed by Antoine Camard, 5 min., 2015, France
Mallwalkers, directed by Sean Clark, 15 min., 2014, USA

Observer 2
Behemoth - Or The Game Of God, directed by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, 13 min., 2015, Lesotho
The Acadian Girl, directed by Gabrielle Provost, 7 min., 2015, Canada, Quebec
#YA, directed by Ygor Gama, 15 min., 2015, Germany, Chile, Argentina
I Look At Diamonds For A Living, directed by Jessica Hutchison, 5 min., 2015, Australia
Platform 1, directed by Jessica Bishopp, 11 min., 2015, United Kingdom
Collinsville Trade Day, 1988 directed by Jason Keener, 7 min., 2014, USA
Shoes Get Shined, directed by Isabella Olaguera, 3 min., 2014, USA
The Goods, directed by Natasha Kasyanova, 21 min., 2015, Russia

Still from The Park, directed by Randa Maroufi



Meet the Jury of ASAP competition 2016!


The long awaited news – the list of nine great films selected for ASAP online competiton at the IV Kinodot IFF! Congratulations to the directors!

A Film By Abigail directed by Paul Vernon, documentary, 5 mins, UK, 2012
Box directed by Mathias Askeland, fiction, 7 mins, Norway, 2015
Joconde directed by Lora Mure-Ravaud, fiction,14 mins, Switzerland, 2015
Head directed by Stav Levi, animation, 4 mins, Israel, 2015
Mannequin directed by Rick Niebe, experimental, 9 mins, Italy, 2016
People of Nowhere directed by Lior Sperandeo, 2 mins, Israel, 2015
The Pride of Strathmoor directed by Einar Baldvin animation, 9 mins, USA, Iceland, 2015
The Reinvention of Normal directed by Liam Saint-Pierre, documentary, 7 mins, UK, 2015
Unwanted Desires directed by Ola Szmida, animation, 4 mins, Poland, 2014

The list of films selected for Observer documentary competition and the list of our jury members will follow shortly, stay tuned!

Still from the film Joconde directed by Lora Mure-Ravaud



The entry call for the 4th edition of Kinodot is over. The selection results will be published by the beginning of March. Thank you all for your submissions!


Tomorrow off to International Kansk Video Festival with a special Kinodot program! Soon to be repeated in St. Petersburg, and (in the measurable future) in a movie theater near you!)

Cycloid by Tomoki Kurogi, Japan, 2013, 4 min.
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris by Yann Chapotel, France, 2013, 5 min.
Hermeneutics by Alexei Dmitriev, Russia, 2012, 4 min.
Wile E. by Christopher Holloran, USA, The Netherlands, 2012, 15min.
Exland by Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize, France, 2013, 8 min.
Junction by Andrey Klychnikov, Russia, 2014, 7 min.
Run In The Park by Matti Ilmari Lehtinen, Finland, 2014, 2 min.
YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes by Juan Camilo Gonzalez, USA, Columbia, 2011, 6 min.
Supervision by Lion Bischof, Germany, 2012, 11 min.
nevermind. by Jean-Marc E.Roy, Canada, 2013, 5 min.
Absent Minded by Roberto Catani, Italy, 2013, 8 min.
Serori by Pedro Collantes, Netherlands, 2014, 15min.


The closing ceremony and offline screening of Kinodot competition 2015 will take place on 02.07 at 20.00 in a new 'cluster' format at Fligel Space in St. Petersburg on Vosstania street 24. Don't miss out if you are around!


The 3d Kinodot competition is over and here are the results, ta-da!)

The Audience Award goes to ‘The Milkman’ directed by Joe Bor & Daniel Berg, produced by Howard Cohen, United Kingdom.

The Special Jury Mention goes to ‘Serori' by Pedro Collantes, Netherlands. For creating a crisp and funny story - challenging, but rewarding in its simplicity - which makes the viewer both fascinated and uncomfortable; echoing in the consciousness long after being seen.

The Special Jury Mention goes to ‘Cutaway' by Kazik Radwanski, Canada. For its striking, sensitive and very tactile insight into real life experience; seen from a very different, subjective and simple, point of view. 

The Jury Prize goes to ‘Absent Minded’ by Roberto Catani, Italy. For a rich and skillful realisation of a genuine sense of daydreaming, the atmosphere of melancholia, mystery and magic, and for evoking a lovely sense of child-like play. 

Congratulations to the winners!!

Big thanks to all the participants!

And thank you Niclas, Michael, Yann, Olivier and Zbigniew for being such a great Jury!

Stay tuned for the date and place of the closing ceremony in June. It’s going to be pretty cool!) And if you haven't watched the prize winning films yet, you can still do it till Monday.

The winners of the Audience Award and the Jury Prize will get $500 each from our partner Smart Media Systems.


The Kinodot competition 2015 has started! Watch the films on this page and take part in the audience vote - the film with the highest score wins the Audience Prize and 500 USD sponsored by Smart Media Systems.


Here it is - the long waited list of films, selected for Kinodot competition 2015! Ten great short films of different genres are waiting for your vote starting from April 1:

Absent Minded by Roberto Catani, Italy
Creature in the Giant Sequoias by Shawn Bannon, USA
Cutaway by Kazik Radwanski, Canada
nevermind. by Jean-Marc E.Roy, Canada
On Loop by Christine Hooper, UK
Run In The Park by Matti Ilmari Lehtinen, Finland
Serori by Pedro Collantes, Netherlands
The Milkman by Joe Bor & Daniel Berg, UK
The Other Silence by Gaston Igounet, France
The Shadow of Your Smile by Alexei Dmitriev, Russia

Don't miss out!


Please, welcome the Jury 2015!


The Entry Call

Dear Friends,

We are happy to remind you that in 2015 we will have the 3rd edition of the minimalist short film festival Kinodot, which is almost a jubilee!

And, as usual, we accept submissions in four categories: No Money, No Mumbling, No Music, No Montage, up to 20 minutes! The deadline for submitting to this year competition is the 1st of March. And the competition starts on April 1.

You are welcome to submit your films via,, or through the 'contact' form on our site.

Looking forward to your new films!

Always yours,


The awards ceremony at Erarta on 26.06 at 20.00

The closing ceremony and the offline screening of Kinodot competition program will take place at Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art on 26.06 at 20.00.

Don't miss out if you are in town!


The second Kinodot competition is over

The best short film by decision of the professional jury is An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris by Yann Chapotel, France: For aesthetically and technically fascinating film, combining time levels and movements beautifully, well structured and orchestrated, not a second too long or short. 

Special mention by the jury goes to Junction by Andrey Klychnikov, Russia: For catchy minimalistic and extremely well balanced illustration of casual human interaction.

The audience prize ― Junction by Andrey Klychnikov, Russia.
Diploma from the festival organizers ― Cycloid by Tomoki Kurogi, Japan.

The date and venue of the closing ceremony is to be specified shortly.

The winners of the audience prize and the jury prize will get $500 each from our partner Smart Media Systems.


The second Kinodot competition has started

Watch & rate the films in competition and help your favorite film win the Audience Prize! 
Go to the competition page. 


The selection results for Kinodot competition 2014 are online!

11 films from 9 countries are competing for two main prizes. Read more here.


Meet the Jury 2014

We are very happy to introduce the great Kinodot jury team 2014! The fate of one of our prizes (the Jury prize, to be specific) is in the hands of these nice folks.

And, by the way, the second great news is that this year we will have cash prizes! That's right, good old hard currency), stay tuned for details!


The Deadline is Near

Dear filmmakers, You have a few days left to submit your films for this year competition before the 1st of March, and reelport is the best place to do it!


Films by John Smith

Only on Kinodot! From 23 of August till 1 of October we will be hosting a special program by John Smith, one of the most interesting avant-garde filmmakers of our time. More here


The Closing Ceremony and Film Screening

The diplomas are in good hands now, and the off-line screening at Erarta went pretty well. The competition 2013 is officially closed! See the small photo report here


The Dot Shorts Program has started!

From the 1 of June every few days we publish on the Main Page a new film participating in the Dot Shorts program. All the films will be available till April 2014.


Closing Ceremony and Film Screening in St. Petersburg

The closing ceremony and the off line screening of the first Kinodot short film competition program will take place on 27.06.2013 at 19:00 in the contemporary art museum Erarta (St. Petersburg, Russia). The total lentgh of the show is 105 minutes. Free entrance. Welcome!


After three days of discussion the jury team has decided on the awards:

First Prize: YesYesYesYesYesYes by Juan Camilo Gonzalez
Second Prize: 15 Summers Later by Pedro Collantes
Special Mention: Exland by Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize

Congratulations to the winners! The winning films will be available on our website for another 7 days, untill 10.05.2013


The competition has ended, but we have a new program for you! We are proud to present the special program of experimental films curated by the Balagan Film Series. The program will be available on our website during May.


The voting results by the audience have been confirmed! In the course of the competition 3378 watched the films and 426 people have voted.

The three films with the highest ratings are:
For it is dark in the hole by Florian Seufert 4.875
Bigfoot by Oren Gerner 4.84375
Mr. Siebzehnruebl by Tuna Kaptan 4.80328

So, the winner of the competition by the audience vote is For it is dark in the hole by Florian Seufert! Congratulations to the director!

We thank all the viewers, who gave their votes for the just cause! Now we are expecting the decision by our professional jury team.


The first competition at Kinodot is officially over. Soon we will publish the results of the audience vote and the decision of the jury.


Please, welcome the First Kinodot Professional Jury Team!


To our regret, we have to take the film You Like It, I Love It by James Vaughan off the program due to the conflict of interests with another festival. You Like It, I Love It goes offline on 15.04 at 00.00 Seychelles Time (UTC+4).


The first Kinodot competition has started! Watch and rate 14 short films online before the end of April.


The list of films, selected for the competition is published online! The show starts in 5 days!


Our new website with a secure video player is up and running! 


Today is the deadline for submission to the competition 2013.


Kinodot together with Russian online movie theater Cloudcinema has organized the open screening of Sleepless Nights Stories by Jonas Mekas in St. Petersburg, on the occasion of his 90th anniversary.


The entry call of the first online film festival Kinodot has started.