Below is the list of all short films that have participated in Kinodot programs. The list of programs can be found here.

00:04:47 Till by Elika Rezaee

15 Summers Later by Pedro Collantes

A Few Pages About Tango by Kaja Dymnicki

A Sonata by Alban RavassardPierre-Louis Umdenstock

Absorbed by Irina Stănciulescu

An Adventurous Afternoon by Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser

An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris by Yann Chapotel

Bigfoot by Oren Gerner

Blight by John Smith

Brave Old World by Dagmar Kamlah

Bug Lightning by Tom Bailey

Clean Fun by Moritz Matschke

Cryosphere by Kurtis Hough

Cycloid by Tomoki Kurogi

Dring of the Dead by Gael Pouvreau, Mathieu Auvray

Dry Stone Waller by Jacob Robinson & Kelvin Brown

El Leaving by Ygor Gama & Julieta Graña

Erik by Mats Lundell

europa spezial ab 39,- euro by Leslie Bauer

Exland by Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize

Failure by Jesse Kaminsky

Flag Mountain by John Smith

For it is dark in the hole by Florian Seufert

Georgetown by Lewis Khan

Ghosts in the Park by Marte Kiessling

Hermeneutics by Alexei Dmitriev

Hide and Seek by Choeun Ma

Hotel Diaries. Frozen War by John Smith

Hotel Diaries. Museum Piece by John Smith

Hotel Diaries. Throwing Stones by John Smith

I Always Dreamed About Being a Robot by Robert Ly

Impossible Chase by John Warren

Insight by Max Reinhold

Isemond by Xander Marro & Mat Brinkman

Island Jamboree by Dylan Hayes

Junction by Andrey Klychnikov

Kleur by S.D. Willems

Markus by Irene Terrón

Met State by Bryan Papciak

Morning Train by Delia Hess

Mount Song by Shambhavi Kaul

Mr. Siebzehnruebl by Tuna Kaptan

NARROW by Manuel Janssens

Never Eleven by Livio Bondi

Om by John Smith

Osmium - Fingerprints by Helmie Stil

Partir by Joanna Lurie

Performance by Masha Sedyaeva

Pillar Cloud by Maya Geller

Place for Landing by Shambhavi Kaul

Playing for Keeeps by Dylan Hayes

Remains Quiet by Stefan Kriekhaus

Resurrection by Jeremy Rosenstein

Salt and Pepper by Franky van Dorst

Secrets by Margherita Spampinato

Shampooing by Benjamin Charbit

Sker by Eyþór Jóvinsson

Snail Trail by Philipp Artus

Supervision by Lion Bischof

TAG by Ilan Cohen

Ten Notes by Dan Pringle

The Black Tower by John Smith

The Child and the Parrot by Léo Zarka-Lepage

The Day When... by Arnaud Lalanne

The History of the Orange by Emma Lazenby

The Girl Chewing Gum by John Smith

The Kiss by John Smith

The Men with Water Fear by Selim Akgul and Seren Gel

The Race by Kullar Viimne

The Runner by Michael O'Kelly

The World (Outside) by Benny Shaffer

Things Fold into Themselves by Arttu Nieminen

Tin Pine by Brian Barth

Try to Do the Salmon Dance by Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum

Wile E. by Christopher Holloran

Welcome to the Zoo by Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser

Worst Case Scenario by John Smith

YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes by Juan Camilo Gonzalez

You Like It, I Love It by James Vaughan

you see me by Syl Betulius