ASAP Online Competition 01-30.04.2016

As Simple As Possible - the title is based on the Einstein's principal 'Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler'.

The results of ASAP competition

Jury Prize — The Pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldvin: To a tense film with a good choice of animation technique, music and sound that goes perfectly together, successfully applying an Edgar Allan Poe-like feeling of madness to illustrate a story of unbridled racism from real life USA in the 1920’s.

Jury Special Mention — Unwanted Desires by Ola Szmida: ASAP – simple idea, simple design, simple animation style. Close and true. We felt caught with our pants down.

Jury Special Mention — Joconde by Lora Mure-Ravaud: To a beautiful film with sincere directing for achieving to express subtle and impalpable atmosphere of a fleeting moment that reveals to a human being a gentle beauty of life.

Audience Prize — The Pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldvin